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Final Countdown Remix

2008-02-11 17:16:07 by resheth

I'm Hopeful.
Because I've made 40-something songs, listened to the popular music here over and over, studied it, and learned from all my mistakes.
And because Final Countdown by Europea is going to be hard to F*** up.
That said:

Im going to stop making music that tries to sound like the "popular style" on newgrounds (You know, that ONE damn synth that EVERYONE uses?) I'm going to make music for me that assists me in doing things.

Like sleeping, studying, working out, putting me in a good mood.

I dont know why i'd try anything else.
I like repetitive stuff, and apparently few other people do on this site. but meh.

Im not saying all my stuff is any good--in fact most of it should die in a fire.
Just saying that i'm diffrent.

And if you took part on the raid on're an a**hole.
Not a scientologist (thank God), but still, you should just let people ALONE. Don't make something liek that ur business.



2007-12-03 16:53:43 by resheth

K, so now I know how to import Midi Files into FL7 demo...and its awesome. I have been working nonstop on a james bond theme song remix.

It is going to kick more ass than...Chuck Norris.


That much.

First song with mixer!

2007-11-26 18:58:56 by resheth

It took me forever, and I think it sounds terrible (except for the first part, thats awesome!) But it's done! Xx=Mixxed-up=xX is uploaded.

work: 2 days
with: FL studio 7 demo version.

I have basically no clue what I'm doing, but I'm seeing some patterns, and I'm learning what does what. Next song will be better. I still think my music lacks that....thing...
maybe it is the reverb...
time to tweak.

What am I doing in music?

2007-10-04 11:45:21 by resheth

Well, Im going to start experamenting with pads and background music. there's alot of dead space between what really amounts to nothing but DnB for most of my songs.

thank you for stopping by

2007-08-18 01:14:45 by resheth

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look at my stuff.